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Honor Scores

300 Games

John York                   Friday Night Mixed                 12/12/2014

Stanley Cooper         Sparkle City                              11/6/2014

Stanley Cooper         Friday Night Mixed                 10/31/2014

Frank Chiapetta       Wednesday Night Men           10/29/2014

Steven McBee           Wednesday Night Men           10/22/2014

Henry Jolley               Wednesday Night Men           10/15/2014

Tim Immonen            Friday Night Mixed                 10/3/2014

Steven McBee            Wednesday Night Men          10/1/2014

800 Series

Billy Sewell         (824)       Friday Night Mixed                12/26/2014

Todd Haney       (800)       Sparkle City                             10/23/2014

Henry Jolley      (803)        Wednesday Night Men          10/15/2014

Steven McBee    (830)       Wednesday Night Men          10/1/2014


Association Bowler of the Month
Association Bowler of the Month is awarded to the highest scoring bowler each month in each category from both bowling centers in the Spartanburg Association. The bowlers listed below won from our center, Paradise Lanes.